31 lessons I learned working as a freelance makeup artists.

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lessons learned as a freelnace makeup artist

31 lessons I learned working as a freelance makeup artists.

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You’ve dreamt of becoming a makeup artist since an early age, you have completed all of your makeup training, perfected your winged eyeliner, developed a flawless base application and accomplished highlighted cheekbones.

What’s next?

Your dreams are coming true! You went through your first few weddings…

You’ve been in the industry for some time now. You’re getting busier and busier, year after year. You starting to realize that being a makeup artist it’s not only about applying makeup, and from now you will be doing things you have never done before, things you never learned at school.

Nobody has told you how to run a makeup artistry business or how to deal with clients. Be prepared for making mistakes and learn from them. I’m glad you are reading this article because this list of 31 lessons is soaked with hundreds of mistakes made by someone else.

So here are 31 lessons I learned working as a freelance makeup artists.

how to become a makeup artist


1. Sell on value, not price.

2. If client don’t buy, it’s probably because they didn’t see the value. Refer to #1.

3. Educate, don’t sell.

4. Follow up, follow up, follow up. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Keep checking in until you either get a client or you get a “no”.

5. Don’t take every job. Saying “no” to those that aren’t a fit is good for business.

6. Don’t discount! Never do that, this will harm your business.


7. Get clarity around what you want to be known for.

8. Get clear on your ideal client market.

9. Think outside the box. Marketing is changing. Think different, don’t copy your competition, they probably are copying someone else.

10. Networking. With right people only. Trust your intuition

11. Social media. It’s important to keep your social media profiles up to date.  but remember that the most important factor of your business is  your website!

12. Treat your business website with respect. Referer to #10

13. Marketing cost money, whether you like it or not. Be prepared to spend some of your income on marketing even if you’re a top makeup artist in your area. Make sure you spend your money wisely!


14. Value your time. If you don’t, clients won’t.

15. Take the day off,  or two. As long as this is stated on your website or other online business profile, you can have a day off just like EVERYBODY else!

16. Interact with clients. Always make sure clients know when and how they can contact you with concerns and questions.

17. Reply promptly to enquires. It’s more than likely are you are not the only makeup artist they have made enquiries with, so always reply as soon as possible. If you can’t, hire a personal assistant.

18. Ask the right questions to avoid additional e-mails. For many, booking a makeup artist for a wedding or occasion is a first time experience, and although they may not know what to expect. You need to make sure potential clients are well informed of the services you offer, the rates you charge and what they can expect for their money.


19.  Don’t over promise, unfortunately, it’s generally accepted in the ‘service industry’ that we over promise and under deliver.

20. Deliver. Do not set yourself up to fail…There is no point in telling someone you can do something you are not capable of.

21. Don’t try to please everyone. No matter how good your makeup and customer service skills are, you can not please everyone.

22. Be patient. There will always be a client every now and then that doesn’t know what they want. Be patient.

23. Build trust. There should always be trust between an artist and client, but let it happen naturally.

24. Sack D-grade clients. They will suck you dry.

25. If a client asks for a service worth £120 and has a budget of £100, please, pleeeeeeease, don’t take their money.

26. Reviews Matters. Oh hell yeah! Always ask clients to leave a review.

27. Bad mouthing the competition to your clients. Don’t even think about it! Doing that just makes you look scared of them and unprofessional.  Don’t point out the bad points of someone else – explain your own good points.

28. Listen to your gut. I repeat… LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. 99% of the time, it’s right.

29. Learn how to be assertive.

30. Don’t forget about existing clients. You should aim to exceed your customers expectations on every interaction that they have with you.  Adore your clients.

And finally

31. Encourage failure. It’s through failure, we learn.

What have you learnt working as a makeup artist? I would like to hear from you. Let’s keep the list going and see if we can crack 100. Add your lesson/s in the comments below.

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  • Anastasia Mua January 10, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Great article! After many years working as a makeup artist I finally learned how to work well under pressure.

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