5 things you should ask a Makeup Artist before the wedding trial

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what to ask make up artist before the wedding trial

5 things you should ask a Makeup Artist before the wedding trial

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Questions to ask a Make-up Artist before the wedding trial

With your wedding day looming, there will be tonnes of tasks to complete on your to-do list including making the final touches to your makeup for the day. Wedding makeup trials by professional makeup artists are like gold-dust and are definitely something to make use of before your big day.

Wedding makeup trials give you, the bride, an opportunity to have a full run through of your makeup look before the actual day. This means you get a ‘dress rehearsal’ where you can decide if you are 100% happy with the look or if there’s anything you would do differently – it also helps to decide on a time and settle those last minute nerves.

When it comes to wedding makeup trials, there are a few important things to ask your makeup artist in order to get the most out of your booking. Here are just a few of the most important things to ask – so take note:

Can we book a trial run?

As we’ve already established, booking a wedding makeup trial is essential in wedding preparation. All professional makeup artists should be willing to agree on a trial run for the bride allowing you to see how the makeup looks on you and together you can decide on the best look for you. A top tip is to ask to book your trial a couple of months in advance – this gives you time to adjust things and in the worst case scenario gives you time to find another makeup artist if things don’t work out.

Do you work from a salon or on location?

This is down to personal preference, but asking your wedding makeup artist if they will be working from a salon or coming to your home is a great question to ask. Don’t assume that all makeup artists will come to your venue to help you get ready as some work solely from a salon or beauty parlour – asking this question early on, avoids and disappointments and miscommunications.

Should I bring my headpiece or veil along with me?

Depending on the makeup you’d like to wear on your big day, it may be a good idea to take any headpieces, veils or accessories along to your makeup trial. Check with your makeup artist beforehand if you don’t have your own accessories booked yet – they may have something similar you can try on to see if it fits in with the makeup look.

Do I need to prepare anything before the trial?

Asking your wedding makeup artist if there’s anything you need to do can save both parties time. Your makeup artist may want you to prep your skin beforehand and they may even be able to recommend you some miracle worker beauty products that can help you look your best. Always ask if there’s anything you need to do before the trial and this will help you to be fully prepared.

Are there any extra charges I need to know about?

Wedding day makeup certainly doesn’t revolve around money, and money shouldn’t be the deciding factor in booking your makeup artists as there is a massive budget range depending on locations, styles wanted and experience. Just remember to ask your makeup artist if there are any additional charges for the big day, perhaps they will need to travel or pay parking fees at the venue. Always check before hand and discuss with your makeup artist about whether your fee covers this.

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Of course, there are lots more questions that you can ask your makeup artist before your wedding trial and the most important thing to remember is to ask them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, makeup artists are there to give advice and answer all of your queries BEFORE the big day – preparation is key to a stress free day.

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