Asking your client to leave a review: Do’s and Don’ts

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Asking your client to leave a review: Do’s and Don’ts

There’s nothing more satisfying for Makeup Artist than hearing your client’s feedback after helping them to feel their very best on their wedding day.

After all, it’s a wonderful feeling seeing a client’s face light up once they finally open their eyes and look into the mirror, smile and prepare for one of the best days of their lives. Why let that sparkle go to waste? Asking clients to leave you a short review of your makeup services can boost your bookings, increase your ratings and spread the word.

Here’s a run-down of some simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to asking your client for a review.

How to ask your client for a review – DO’s.
  • Be polite – demanding a review is likely to have the adverse effect, keeping that friendly and relaxed relationship with your client is a sure way to secure a positive review after the big day.
  • Tell your clients when, where and how to leave a review. A good idea is to be lenient with the timescale, after all – they will want to enjoy their celebrations. Just let them know that whenever they have a spare five minutes, you would love for them to review your services and direct them to the right place.
  • Thank your client for leaving a review and let new clients see previous reviews to help keep the ball rolling with adding new reviews to your profile.
  • Feel free to add a little note on your business card or paperwork, politely reminding your client that you would appreciate them leaving a review of your services.
How to ask your client for a review -DON’Ts
  • Bombard the bride on her big day, odds are that if you ask for a review just as the bride is about the put on her dress – your question will be forgotten. Be sure to ask when the time is right, without any pressure.
  • Forget to ask! The most simple of tips, no client is a mind reader so it’s best not to assume that they know you would like them to leave a review.
  • Be afraid to ask – the worst that can happen is someone not leaving a review, right? So simply ask away and wait for the reviews to start rolling in.
  • Pester – no one likes to be pestered. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a gentle reminder once, twice even three times but if unsuccessful, don’t lose sleep over it. There will be others who will accept your proposal to leave a review so focus on those.


Follow these simple tips to help get the most from your bridal bookings, after all client reviews are the all-important tool in securing potential clients and getting your name out there for others to see.

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