BOBBI BROWN Cosmetics – Are you being tricked? – Black Friday 2018

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bobbi brown black friday deals 2018

BOBBI BROWN Cosmetics – Are you being tricked? – Black Friday 2018

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Can you really save loads of money on Black Friday Sales or you are being tricked?

Before you start reading, I need you to know that the only beauty products I treat my face with are some water and soap.  My face would probably look much better if I was using something else, but the point of me saying this is that I do not buy any cosmetics or makeup products for myself. 

Why am I writing about makeup products?

Because I do research and share with you things I find useful. The majority of you are probably too busy to do your own research and that’s why 8 out of 10 times you will overpay when purchasing products online.


Because you trust Google’s first-page search results.  You trust ads, because they are designed to make you believe that you’re getting the best deal and last but not least you trust your Social Media Guru that you follow on social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram. 

Can you avoid it?

I don’t think so. That’s the way it is these days.

You can probably use software like adblock to disable all ads, but you won’t start watching makeup tutorials on YT on channels with 20 subscribers, or you won’t start your Google search from the 10th page of the results delivered by a search engine. 

Can I save loads of money Black Friday?

In my opinion you can, but if you purchase products you wouldn’t normally buy – products that don’t sell and needs to be put on sale. 

But, if the question was if you can save money on Black Friday Sales, then I would say “Yes”.  You will probably not save a lot, but Black Friday shopping will definitely help you save some money.

Am I being tricked?

Honestly, I don’t know, but below is the reason why I started writing this post. This morning I spotted the same product, advertised by the same brand with two different prices. What’s even more interesting is that on Bobbi Brown’s official website the product price is higher by almost 17%. 

Considering the fact that Bobbi Brown’s Black Friday offer is advertised as “25% off everything”, you will only save 8% comparing to their price on Amazon. ( if the price on Amazon will remain the same)


What do you think?

Are you being tricked?

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