Doing Your Own Wedding Day Makeup? Bridal Rules Every Bride Should Know

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doing my own wedding day makeup

Doing Your Own Wedding Day Makeup? Bridal Rules Every Bride Should Know

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When it comes to the big day we have no doubt that you’ll be wondering about the beauty side of things. Weddings aren’t just about the fashion and style, beauty and makeup play an important role in helping you to feel amazing, beautiful and prepared for the most special day of your life.

Bridal makeup is a luxury service, so having a makeup artist come to your venue and help you get ready for your special day is all part of the luxury of hiring a professional. If you are choosing to do your own wedding makeup, here are a few beauty ‘rules’ to keep in mind whilst you’re planning the makeup for your big day:

doing my own wedding day makeup

Play it safe

We all love to play around with makeup, try new shades and experiment with looks but when it comes to your wedding day your best bet is to opt for old faithful products that you love. The mascara that never lets you down, the lipstick that makes you feel like a million dollars and the foundation that lasts all day through. Using your favourite ‘holy grail’ makeup items is a great way to approach your bridal beauty regime – after all, they are favourites for a reason!

Prepare your skin

It’s all very well having the perfect makeup look bought together, but you’ll need to make sure it applies well and looks as good as possible. Preparing your skin is a great way to create the perfect base, so in the run up to the big day – play it safe with products you know work for your skin and won’t cause any problems. It’s a good time to pamper yourself, a lovely face mask and a deep moisturiser will work wonders for giving you glowing and radiant skin for your big day.


If there’s one beauty product that makes it into your makeup bag for the big day, it should be a primer. By applying primer as a base, you create a perfect canvas to apply your foundation and also help improve the longevity of your makeup – a must have for photos. Don’t forget to prime the eyelids too, this will help your eye makeup to stay put and also ensure that colours and shades really ‘pop’.

Be yourself

Most importantly, choose makeup and beauty products that allow you to feel your best. If you love a bold red lip, then rock it walking down the aisle. If you love the natural makeup look then choose minimal products. The best beauty rule to follow is to wear what makes you feel not only special, but comfortable too – this will allow you to truly enjoy your big day and love looking back on the photographs.

Bear in mind that hiring a professional makeup artist alleviates the stress of getting glammed up and adds a little touch of luxury and pampering to your big day, but if you feel confident and doing your own makeup is that what you want then go for it!

After all, the most beautiful things a woman can wear are confidence and a smile.

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