Why are bridal makeup prices higher than party makeup?

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Why are bridal makeup prices higher than party makeup?

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Bridal makeup comes in a completely different category to your everyday makeup or other special occasion makeup, especially when it comes to hiring a professional to create the look on your special day!

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Why wedding makeup cost more?

Some makeup jobs and bookings are very common and require minimal planning and preparation, such as prom makeup or party makeup that makeup artists complete on a daily basis. Bridal makeup involves a significantly larger amount of planning and preparation in order to make everything perfect for the big day. Bridal beauty services like makeup often come hand in hand with wedding prep advice, skincare advice and even product sampling before the big day.

When you hire a wedding makeup artist you are also paying for their time, advice and professional opinion – not just the products used on the day.

High Quality

Everything from the lipstick to the makeup tools used by your makeup artist will be of high quality, so this is often reflected in the price. Prices for bridal makeup may vary depending on your needs or specifications and may also depend on the makeup look you are after. You aren’t just paying for the physical time it takes for your makeup artist to create a look, but also the added luxury of having beautiful cosmetics and high-quality makeup used.


Bridal beauty is a service, so having a makeup artist come to your venue and help you get ready for your special day is all part of the luxury of hiring a professional. It’s important to consider that bridal beauty prices often include travel to and from the venue too, especially if your makeup artist is travelling around with you on the day.

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Of course, it’s important to consider that the price of bridal makeup is small in comparison to ensuring that your day is as special as it possibly can be. Hiring a professional makeup artist alleviates the stress of getting glammed up and adds a little touch of luxury and pampering to your big day, so enjoy it.

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