What to include in Bridal Makeup Touch Up Kits and why you should offer them to your clients.

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What to include in Bridal Makeup Touch Up Kits and why you should offer them to your clients.

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Shall I offer a bridal makeup and hair kit at the end of my appointments on the day of the wedding day?

Many established makeup artists in the bridal industry offer bridal makeup and hair touch-up kits to their clients as a part of their service. This just ensures your client that the makeup you do for them on the day can be maintained throughout the day. If they’re sweating, crying or if their noise start running they will have stuff with them to be able to touch up, to make sure their makeup looks great throughout the day.

A lot of clients would love to book you for the entire day, but this has to be worth your while until they have to pay you for an entire day, which a lot of brides are not going to do, so if you hand them off a little touch-up kit you can leave knowing that they’re feeling confident that they can keep their makeup touched up throughout the night.

One of the main things that you need to remember when you are putting together a touch-up kits for your brides is to make sure you keep your cost down. Before we go into what your touch-up kit should include you should better understand how to do this.

Disposable wands and applicators, you want to be buying those in bulk. We’ll be using them for your kit and then you also want to be able to throw them in your touch-up kits as well.  You want to make sure that any packaging for your touch-up kit you find somewhere where you can purchase them very inexpensively. You can get as fancy as you want to get with them .

Below you can find some examples of bags that you can use to put all of the products for your touch-up kits in.


cheap touch up kit bag
White Paper Bag

The cheapest option is to use tiny white little paper bags. A lot of people will be throwing out the bag at the hotel or wherever you getting them ready and they’ll put the contents of their touch up kits just in their purse. 

You can get as creative as you want.  You can print your logo or thank you message on them. These paper bags are so inexpensive because people will throw them out anyway.  

Remember that usually on the wedding day your clients are bringing smaller bags with them. So, if you’re making them huge touch-up kit, a lot of that is going to go in the bin or they won’t use it. 

zippi bag for bridal touch up kit
Zippi Bag


Try to keep everything small and compact and either put them in the bag that they can use, that’s useful and that will fit in their purse.  Some makeup artists do more practical touch-up kits and they’ll pack the touch-up kit in zippi bags that are useful and the bride will use it again and again.


Leaving your bridal clients with a personalized fabric bag is a great add on to your wedding day makeup/hair service.  Most brides do not want to spend additional money to hire you for an entire day for touch ups, so personalized, handy touch-up kit with printed logo or website address can be a really good selling point for your makeup and hair services to potential bridal clients.

If you’re looking for top quality personalised fabric bags then The Fabric Artists is the company we would highly recommend. They offer only top quality products, free design, and unlimited revisions to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Colors: Rose Gold, Black, Pink, Black & White and White. Check it out!

Stuff to include in your touch up kit.

Usually, if you’re doing makeup and hair as a service you will put both things that are required for touch-ups in one bag. If you’re doing just makeup you would just put items that are required for makeup touch ups.

Here are some ideas of what you can put in the touch-up kit bag:

  • People usually don’t think about this, but keeping some straws handy in the touch up kit is very handy.  This way if they have champagne or there’s something they want to have a little bit of sip of, a little bit of water it won’t wreck the lipstick. 
  • The next thing you want to include is a tiny little package of Kleenex. 
  • You want to make sure that you include a couple of tiny little sponges that you can buy in bulk. This way the clients can just touch up their foundation and their complexion, if their face gets shiny, if anything smears. Let you client know to use these sponges like a beauty blender, so dampen then, squeeze out the water and then touch up their complexion. It’s a great tip to give to your clients and it’s a better way for them to maintain the foundation and makeup application that you’ve put on them throughout the day. 
  • Another great add-on to maintaining the face is the regular cleaning clear oil blotting sheet.
  • Small container with lipstick to touch up. You will normally scrape off the lip color that you’ve made for them. whether it’s directly from a tube of lipstick or if it’s something that you’ve mixed together on a pallet.
  • Along with the containers you should also throw in some disposable lip wand. that way they can just dig into the container with the lipstick. Touch it up and they don’t have to worry about their lip color fading.
  • Another nice thing to do is to put some translucent setting powder in a separate little container. They can use one of the sponges that you’re including just to powder if they need to absorb any shine or freshen up their makeup.
  • If you do hair and makeup together then you should make sure to include stuff for hair as well. You can include smaller bottle of hairspray.  Hairspray it’s a great add-on and can be inexpensive when you buy them in bulk.  You also want to include some bobby pins that you have used in your client hairstyle, so there is practical use for the stuff that you’re throwing in their bag. 
  • Make sure to put your contact information or a business card inside the touch-up kit as well.


  • Leak-Proof.
  • Round screw lid.
  • Inner liners.
  • Available in different sizes.

How much bridal touch-up kit should cost.

Whatever you want to do to customize and make your  touch-up  kit special for your client you should remember to keep your cost down. You need to think about how much each touch-up kit is costing per person, so you want to buy things as inexpensively as possible.

You don’t want to be giving people ten pounds touch-up kit away. That’s way too much. You shouldn’t be spending more than £3-£5 on a person. Usually up to £3 for just a makeup touch-up kit.

What’s in your touch-up kit?

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