How to choose the best Makeup Artist for a Wedding Day.

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How to choose the best makeup artist for your big day.

With come many things to think of before your wedding day it’s important to start planning and preparing as soon as possible. Planning things before hand and booking important people such as your makeup artist or hair stylist is an easy way to make the lead up to the wedding a little less stressful. But, how do we know which makeup artist to choose? There are lots of things to consider in order for you to choose the best makeup artist to suit your individual needs, so here are just a few of our beauty insider tips for the bride-to-be:

Expert knowledge & Experience

There’s absolutely no harm in checking your potential makeup artists background in terms of training. Ask where they studied, or how long they have been in the beauty industry. With a wedding being such an important occasion, it’s important that you receive a makeup service you will be happy with so finding a professional makeup artist with qualifications, training and expertise can go a long way. Of course, there are varying levels of makeup artist training that can be obtained, so it’s a case of doing a little research and asking those important questions. Makeup artist directories can provide a list of professional and trained makeup artists – so have a browse before choosing ‘the one’.

Preparation and practice

In order to choose the best makeup artist for you, it’s worth considering whether the makeup artist will offer you a trial run. Having a trial run and practice session of your wedding day makeup can make a huge difference and give you peace of mind that you’ll look fabulous when the day rolls around. Most makeup artists will offer a trial run – so discuss this before booking, find out if it’s included in the price and if not how much extra it would cost. A trial run is certainly worth it.


Depending on your personal preference, location may be at the top of your criteria. Whilst some brides enjoy the experience of heading to a salon to have their makeup artist work their magic, others prefer a home experience on the morning of the big day. If you know you’d prefer to have the makeup artist come to your home or venue, it’s important to choose a freelance makeup artist rather than a salon based makeup artist and vice versa if you would prefer a salon experience. Try searching local directories or asking for recommendations from friends or family to find professional and local makeup artists.

These are just a few basic tips to get you started on your journey to find the best makeup artist for your wedding day. Don’t forget, it’s often a good idea to meet up with your potential makeup artist to discuss your needs and also to see if you get along – after all, you’ll want to feel relaxed and comfortable on your wedding day. The key here is research and asking the important questions to truly get the best experience.

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