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Last updated on 25/10/2018 at 08:16 pm

Weddings are one of life’s big occasions. When no one like to think of anything going wrong, sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

From the florist to the photographer. A lot of people make your wedding day special, but if a supplier lets you down, wedding insurance could protect your money.

There are varying types of wedding insurance ranging from basic to extensive cover that can cater to your own needs and requirements. Wedding insurance can be taken out at any time, but professionals suggest taking the cover out as soon as part/any of your wedding is paid for; be it the caterer, the venue or the dress. Having wedding insurance cover in place at the start of your wedding journey makes it easier to plan and act if anything should prevent your day from going ahead.

Wedding Insurance can provide financial protection should things not go to plan on your wedding day, and they cover a wide range of scenarios including:


If the bridal groom fall ill before the wedding and you have to postpone, they could help towards rearranging, and because accidents happen wedding insurance can pay for repairs or a replacement dress, so you can still walk down the aisle in style.

Illness of either prospective wedding partners or close relatives in the wedding party. So if you, your partner of one of your family should fall ill due (not due to a pre-existing illness) you’ll be able to use your wedding insurance cover to make rearrangements.

Supplier failure

So what happens when something doesn’t go to plan? Of course, we like to focus on the positives and dream about the perfect wedding day, but unfortunately it pays to prepare for a worst case scenario. Having wedding insurance means that you could be protected financially from many worst case wedding scenarios such as venue cancellation

Supplier failure – in the event of a supplier going bust or even failing to turn up on the big day, wedding insurance can help to recover any of the lost deposits whether it’s the cake maker or the wedding car company. In today’s day and age, supplier failure is unfortunately a more common occurrence with businesses ‘going bust’ more often than we would like them to, so having wedding insurance in place for this can give you peace of mind.

Bad weather

Bad weather – living in Britain, we are quite accustomed the good old fashioned British weather however this does make weather on your wedding day a bit unpredictable to say the least. Depending on your type of cover, wedding insurance can cover you if you or over half of your wedding guests cannot reach your venue. So if a freak snow storm leaves you and your guests out in the cold, wedding insurance can be used to help rearrange.

These are just a few examples of why wedding insurance is worth while.

[plsc_alert color=”green”]Don’t worry about the special details, your wedding cake, wedding flowers, wedding transport, wedding rings and wedding attire could all be covered for loss or damage.[/plsc_alert] [plsc_alert color=”green”]You could be financially protected if a supplier goes bust or fails to turn up – we could reimburse any irrecoverable deposits you’ve made.[/plsc_alert] [plsc_alert color=”green”]Don’t lose out if the prospective wedding or civil partners, close relative or member of the wedding party falls ill, your costs could be reimbursed if it’s not due to a pre-existing medical condition.[/plsc_alert]

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