Managing Client Expectations For Makeup Artists

March 23, 2016 carla-brooks 3 min read No Comments

Managing Client Expectations For Makeup Artists

March 23, 2016 Carla Brooks 3 min read No Comments

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Has anybody preapared you how to deal with clients?

Relief and excitement sets in; you have completed all of your makeup training, perfected your winged eyeliner, developed flawless base application and accomplished highlighted cheekbones.

However, nobody has prepared you how to deal with clients!

Don’t over promise

Unfortunately, it’s generally accepted in the ‘service industry’ that we over promise and under deliver, so here are some tips which will help you build an impeccable reputation for a profitable business.

Offering an ‘all round package’ is a skill only a few people master, and I often ask myself, why? Finding a standard that sets you apart from others is key, alongside being consistent in the level of service that you can offer clients.

For many, booking a makeup artist for a wedding or occasion is a first time experience, and although they may not know what to expect, they will know for certain when something doesn’t feel quite right.

I would advocate a ‘standard email’ that you can send to potential clients, which can then be adapted to suit specific requests. This way you will make sure you always ask the questions you need an answer to.

From the moment a client contacts you it is an opportunity to set yourself apart from others. It’s more than likely are you are not the only makeup artist they have made enquiries with, so you need to make sure potential clients are well informed of the services you offer, the rates you charge and what they can expect for their money. If you are sending a ‘quote’ don’t forget to include any additional charges they may incur. Grey area’s can be a hindrance when issuing quotes, as it’s not acceptable to add unexpected extra’s to the final bill.


The most important part of the relationship with potential clients is that they feel confident in your ability to deliver what you have promised. You will need to listen to them to understand their expectations and work hard to exceed that. No matter what the rate there must always be value in what you are offering.

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Interact with clients on social media; encourage them to follow your work and what you are up to, as this will enable them to get to know you and look forward to seeing you again. Always make sure clients know that they can contact you at anytime with concerns and questions. Responding within 24 hours, 7 days a week, is a necessity.

Do not set yourself up to fail…There is no point in telling someone you can do something you are not capable of. I have seen so many artists say YES to demands just to get the job, but if you are over stretched on the morning of a clients wedding you are unlikely to be able to complete a job well. Be honest and tell clients what you can achieve in the time set.

I personally stress that I am confident to attend to up to six people for a 1pm wedding. I usually arrive around 7am to set up and create a time plan for the morning. It’s important to factor in time for clients to dress and have photographs. After all we want them to enjoy their wedding morning with their bridesmaids and friends and part of our job is to keep the schedule running on time.

Be patient

Lastly, no matter how good your makeup and customer service skills are, you can not please everyone. There will always be a client every now and then that doesn’t know what they want but certainly knows they don’t want what they have asked for! Be patient with clients. It can be an overwhelming experience for some people to see a different picture of how they see themself. As long as you have delivered what they have asked for and given suggestions from your professional opinion, you are not obliged to give ‘free’ trials to rectify their view. Often these clients will go away and research more looks, booking in for a second trial where they will have a clearer idea of what they want to achieve.

Ultimately what pushes you forward and gives you drive and determination to continually develop your business is the passion you have for your skill. If you genuinely love what you do then your high standards will be reflected in each and every client.

Article by [post_author] – Makeup Artist at Team Glam Ltd.

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