Install facebook live chat on your website.

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install facebook chat to your website

Install facebook live chat on your website.

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From the moment a client contacts you, it is an opportunity to set yourself apart from others. It’s more than likely are you not the only makeup artist they have made enquiries with, so you need to make sure potential clients are well informed of the services you offer, the rates you charge and what they can expect for their money.

One of the most important parts of the relationship with potential clients is that they can contact you at any time with concerns and questions and responding within 24 hours, 7 days a week, is a necessity.

Having a live chat app on your website would be a great solution, but the key is to have a live chat app that is already used by everyone and it doesn’t require your clients to sign up and log in!


By pasting a simple code to your website you will allow your visitors to contact you directly from your website and you’ll receive a message straight to your phone. ( If you’re logged into facebook – who isn’t? )

[plsc_columns][plsc_column desktop=”6″ tablet=”6″ mobile=”12″]


Simply copy&paste the code below into your website. Besides standard tabs like “Messages”, “Events” or “Timeline” you can add “About” or “Photos” page tabs by replacing one of the following : “messages,timeline,events” in the code below.
Also, remember to change the URL to your unique facebook page address :
[/plsc_column][plsc_column desktop=”6″ tablet=”6″ mobile=”12″][/plsc_column]

[/plsc_columns] [plsc_code language=”” shownumbers=”no”]

Let us know if you found this tip useful. We’ve also added this code to our contact page, so feel free to have a little live chat with us.

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