January 2017 Monthly Traffic Report

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monthly trffic report for makeup jobs

January 2017 Monthly Traffic Report

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January 2017 Traffic Report

Welcome to the first traffic report for 2017! These reports can be used for many different purposes, whether you are a makeup artist who is considering joining our directory, or if you’re a competitor who wants to find out more about us.

Why do we publish these reports?

We do this because we feel obligated to share these figures with businesses who have signed up to our bridal makeup directory, and also these reports:

  • help us improve our services and reach our goals
  • show the real potentials of our website
  • the most importantly they keep you well informed and updated with the latest news



Websie for makeup artists inspirationsYour business website is, or it will become the most important factor of your business.
That’s why we’ve created Showcase!.
Now, you can follow the latest website designs for makeup artistry business and beauty salons. You can even add your own website and inspire others!
[plsc_button url=”https://weddingbridalmakeup.co.uk/showcase” target=”_blank” color=”green” style=”outline” radius=”semiround” size=”lg”]Visit Showcase[/plsc_button]

Besides the Website Showcase we were working hard on optimising our website and deliver as many leads to your business as possible. Let’s get straight into the traffic report breakdown.

In the table below you’ll find the exact number of visitors from specific Regions in the UK. The majority of visitors comes from organic google searches and that is what makes us stand out from the competition!


**Please note: The table below shows only traffic coming from your area (this isn’t our website full traffic report).




East Midlands
[plsc_icon type=”user-o” color=”orange” size=””] 444
East of England
[plsc_icon type=”user-o” color=”orange” size=””] 576
[plsc_icon type=”user-o” color=”orange” size=””] 1,265
North East
[plsc_icon type=”user-o” color=”orange” size=””] 279
North West
[plsc_icon type=”user-o” color=”orange” size=””] 998
South East
[plsc_icon type=”user-o” color=”orange” size=””] 546
South West
[plsc_icon type=”user-o” color=”orange” size=””] 447
West Midlands
[plsc_icon type=”user-o” color=”orange” size=””] 1,740
Yorkshire and the Humber
[plsc_icon type=”user-o” color=”orange” size=””] 765

We hope that these reports will help you learn more about our bridal makeup directory, but if you have any further questions or you would like to get an access to traffic reports for particular cities or counties, please send us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to share this with you.

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